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Wiimote Whiteboard

This program allows you to use the Wii Remote (Wiimote) to turn any surface into a Low-Cost Interactive Whiteboard. It is based on Johnny Lee’s original WiimoteWhiteboard program that is written in C# and available for Windows only. My program uses Java to allow for (some) platform-independence. I also provide a Mac-only version since I’m a Mac user and this is, up to my knowledge, currently the only such program for the Mac. For Windows only, Boon Jin has enhanced Johnny’s software and created the shareware program Smoothboard. There is also a SourceForge project that provides other implementations, but it is not getting much attention.

Check out the video and the other cool projects at Johnny Lee’s page if you have no idea what I’m talking about :) .

Features in a nutshell

  • Open source
  • Runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • Simple User Interface available in English, Estonian, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, and Spanish
  • Camera Monitor and Calibration Details for better Wiimote placement
  • Auto-connects up to 2 Wiimotes
  • Right-click support, double-click assistance
  • Mouse cursor smoothing
  • Screen selection
  • Touchpad Mode
  • Update notification
  • TUIO/OSC support for multitouch applications

More details in the Wiki.

Download (1.0.3)


Documentation & Support

You can post your comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc. at the bottom of this page. The latest documentation is available in the Wiki. You can also find out how you can help.

The wiimoteproject.com forums are a great resource for everything Wiimote. You may use this subforum to discuss everything related to my software. The Smoothboard Wiki also contains useful information for setting up your interactive whiteboard.

Infrared pens

You need a source of infrared (IR) light to use the software. Many people build their own IR pens for that purpose, usually by retrofitting some sort of marker. You’ll find all you need to know here. I started with a simple IR pen made from a battery clip.

There are also IR pens for sale if you don’t want to build one yourself. Several vendors sell different models, the IR Pen marketplace is a good place to get an overview.

You can use the coupon code uwe if you buy from IRPensOnline.com. This will give you a discount of $2 and I’ll get $1.


I only heard of few problems on Mac OS X, using the built-in stack. I also got reports from users who got the program running on Windows using either the Widcomm or BlueSoleil stack. It seems like Widcomm works better, see this post about BlueSoleil. You need to use the BlueZ stack on Linux, see the Wiki or this post for further instructions.

Issue on PowerPC Macs (excerpt from the WiiRemoteJ-README):

Note for Mac OS X PowerPC (PPC) users: you will have to delete the Wii Remote from your previous devices list in System Preferences->Bluetooth->Devices after each connection (every time you connect a given Wii Remote). Even then, the outgoing connection will still fail every other time. There is some sort of bug relating to HCI devices and Apple’s library. Luckily, it was fixed for the Intel Macs.

Further details can be found in the Wiki or the help files bundled with the application.

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  1. Mauricio says:

    I have working with Mac OSX 10.9.1. However, I have to try several times. So, my suggestion to you, Harsha, is that you load and unload the software 3 or 4 times.

  2. William Rank says:

    Running Mac 10.7.5 on an Intel Chip (I can’t wait to update next fall).

    I’m getting a black screen after calibration with the pointer (but the mouse cursor continues to show up). Any ideas???

  3. Chris Lo says:

    does this program work on the new wiimotes from wii u?


  4. dreamer says:

    …I wonder… since java… would it work on my touchscreen phone with a broken resistive touchscreen? Could be handy to make it useable again. Either way I need a bluetooth card now :(

  5. Adrian says:

    I have a macbook 15 inch, Late 2011. When I download the app for Mac OS, and I load it, it often quits unexpectedly. Is this a common problem, and is there anything I can do to solve this? Thanks.

  6. Adrian says: in reply to Adrian

    Also, when I load it, when i move my IR pen one way, it goes the opposite direction. Is there any way to fix this?

  7. Marc says: in reply to Adrian

    Hi Adrian,

    Although I am only getting my setup shortly, This sounds like you just need to re-calibrate the sensor.

    You might have clicked the calibration points in the wrong sequence.

  8. Harsha JV says: in reply to Ken Waller

    Many Thanks my friend :)
    i will do it right away :)

  9. Harsha jv says:

    I have this new Wii remote, just bought it a month ago, and i use mac os x 10.9.2, I downloaded the newest version of the wiimote software and the bluetooth is On and I open the app, but there is always the Searching tab, and even my wiimote keeps its 4 blue LED blinking if i press 1 and 2 buttons, but the software never detects it.

    i don’t have a Nintendo, i bought a new wii motion plus remote for my presentation but its not working….

    please help me somebody :)

    many thanks
    in advance

  10. Sai says:

    Please help! I bought the original wii motion plus inside (rvl-036). I use Windows 7 32-bit, L420 lenova laptop.

    I pressed 1 and 2 button, the 4 lights blinks. I tried connecting the bluetooth (which is inbuilt) but this remote is not getting recognized and the blinking doesn’t stop.

    Please help.

  11. J Feldman says:

    Hello all,

    I am running Windows7 and have a Rock Candy wiimote.
    I’m having trouble with issues such as winsock not supported and hid device list errors.
    I believe the culprit may be the bluetooth radio.

    Can any of you Windows users please tell me what brand of bluetooth you use?

  12. dimitrios says:

    Is it possible to run on an android device? anyone tested it?


  13. François Boulangué says:

    Hi to all,
    I run wiimote whiteboard on a MacBook Pro, with Os X 10.9.3 (aka Mavericks). Everything works like a charm: the wiimotes are detected, then registered by the app, I can calibrate, and then… big surprise!
    If the video mirroring option is set on ON (LCD screen & video projector show the same image), there’s no problem.
    If the vide mirroring option is set on OFF (2 independent displays), then the cursor is about 2 centimetres ABOVE the actual position of my IR pen.
    Has anyone been encountering the same symptom? Is there a trick? Is it due to the difference in resolutions?
    Any help will be appreciated.

  14. Frederic says: in reply to François Boulangué

    je suis surpris que ça puisse marché avec Mavericks Mac Os 10.9.3, parce qu’il n’y a plus dans utilitaires Bluetooth de l’ordinateur, la possibilité de choisir les appareils qui doivent ou ne doivent pas fonctionner, donc aucune possibilité pour laisser la main à WWb, comment as tu fait ?

  15. yann says: in reply to Frederic

    pour y arriver sous maverick. tu déconnecte la manette via le raccourci en haut.
    ça fiât planter l’association puis tu laisses fonctionner WiimoteWhiteboard et tu réappris sur les touches 1 et 2 et là ça fonctionne.
    Tu peux le vérifier en regardant le menu log du logiciel.
    Bon courage en attendant une modification du logiciel.

  16. Claude says:

    Hi ,
    I use mac OSX 10.9.3, I downloaded the newest version of the wiimote software and the bluetooth is On and I open the app, but there is always the Searching tab, and even my wiimote plus keeps its 4 blue LED blinking but the software never detects it.
    in LOG :
    FINE 10:50:34 WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR (8CCDE8AEE86C)
    FINE 10:50:34 WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR is NOT a known device.
    please help me!
    many thanks

  17. JC says:


    I am wondering if this software can be used with a generic wiimote and not an official nintendo wii controller? I am tight on budget and generic wiimotes are just less expensive where I lieve (Sweden)…

  18. Irpens says:

    Yes and no.
    When we set up our store we tried a wide number of alternative 3rd party Wii remotes and they all connect and ‘work’ BUT…we never found one with the same standard of camera as the official Nintendo Wii remote. Typically 3rd party remotes have to be much closer, <3 metres whereas the official version was ok up to double that distance. Also with 3rd party remotes we found drawings were less accurate – in our test we drew circles and most 3rd party remotes had at least 3 straight lines!

  19. Daniel says: in reply to Ken Waller


    i made all these steps but it doesn’t work. Wiimote-Whiteboard Software doesn’t detect the wiimote. i have a OS X 10.9.4 and i tried it with a old wiimote and a new wii MotionPlus. i also tried other suggests to solve the problem (Load the sofware a few times new, be sure that the wiimote isn’t paired with your macbook and so on). Is it a common problem depending on 10.9.4 or is perhabs a problem of my new macbook air, which i bought one month before.

    Any ideas why the software doesn’t detect the wiimotes ?

    Need Help! I’m going nuts!

    Cheers! Daniel

  20. lp says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am planning to do a project using wiimote to create an interactive whiteboard with enhanced features. I have downloaded the initial source code from http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/. But I want to modify the source code. Can anyone please suggest the best tool with which I can edit and compile the code?

  21. lp says:

    Hi everyone, I tried running the java wiimote whiteboard and I get the error of “Not supported on winsock!!” I am using windows 7 64 bit, dell inspiron laptop..
    Please help me…

  22. Joshua says: in reply to Daniel

    I had the same trouble on my Macbook Pro runing 10.9.5 – wouldn’t recognize any of the three Wiimotes I’ve tried. Finally, I thought of seeing if the Mac would recognize the Wiimote at all as a bluetooth device. With Wiimote Whiteboard still open, I opened Bluetooth Preferences and it started searching for devices. As soon as my Mac found the Wiimote and recognized what it was, it popped up in Wiimote Whiteboard as it should have in the first place. I never connected through Bluetooth Preferences on the Mac, just through WW. I believe I’ve had to do this each time I’ve tried to use WW, but it’s worked fine after going through this process.

  23. miki says:

    is it work with win 8.1

  24. Marco says:

    Is there a chance that this might work with the [current] Wii Remotes? I had to hack the WiiRemoteJ code to recognize the device string. But even after that, it simply hangs after a couple of lines:-(

    The log when pressing the sync button on the back:
    INFO 21:50:14 Calibration Event: SCREEN_CHANGED
    FINE 21:50:36 WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR (CCFB65610A34)
    FINE 21:50:36 WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR is a Wii Remote.
    INFO 21:50:36 WiiRemoteJ: btl2cap://CCFB65610A34
    FINER 21:50:37 WiiRemoteJ: Initial connection complete.
    FINER 21:50:37 WiiRemoteJ: Calibrating accelerometer…
    FINEST 21:50:37 WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
    FINEST 21:50:37 WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
    FINEST 21:50:37 WiiRemoteJ: Data write finished.
    ——— Nothing more ——————————-

    When pressing the 1 & 2 buttons the log lists:
    INFO 21:55:58 Calibration Event: SCREEN_CHANGED
    FINE 21:56:19 WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR (CCFB65610A34)
    FINE 21:56:19 WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR is a Wii Remote.
    INFO 21:56:20 WiiRemoteJ: btl2cap://CCFB65610A34
    FINER 21:56:20 WiiRemoteJ: Initial connection complete.
    FINER 21:56:20 WiiRemoteJ: Calibrating accelerometer…
    and then the connection is lost:-(
    Feb 08, 2015 9:57:26 PM wiiremotej.WiiRemote$1 run
    WARNING: Error, unexpected IO error.
    java.io.IOException: Peer closed connection
    at com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothStackBlueZ.l2Receive(Native Method)
    at com.intel.bluetooth.BluetoothL2CAPConnection.receive(BluetoothL2CAPConnection.java:115)
    at wiiremotej.WiiRemote$1.run(WiiRemote.java:337)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:744)

    Any idea?

  25. Willy says:

    Hallo everybody.
    Same problem. After hours of researches, I discovered it can be related to WIDCOMM driver version.
    Version 6.x (actual version installed on Win7 and later) doesn’t work.
    Version 5.x seems to work but I didn’t find any installation package of this version.
    I’ve tried inside an Win XP virtual machine and it works great!!! Maybe this will be my workaround.


  26. shubham says:

    First, i would thank the developer for such great application, but the thing is that i want this same application of wiimote whiteboard for android ANDROID OS os.
    I can mirror my screen on my smart tv,. It would be the coolest thing ever if there was a simple apk version of wiimote whiteboard for android. Please help. I am so excited for this. Please please please please please please please .

  27. Lucy Gray says:

    hi. This seen to be good application but i want this application on my android phone.Is it compatible with the android OS??

  28. Szocske Kanadaban says:


    I got it working on windows 7 64bit by opening the .jar file as a .zip file, deleting the 2.1.0 version of bluecove from lib/ , and adding this jar instead: http://snapshot.bluecove.org/distribution/download/2.1.1-SNAPSHOT/2.1.1-SNAPSHOT.63/

    At least it starts up, I have yet to pair an actual wiimote :-)

  29. ricardo says:

    I’ve the same reported problem with new Wii motionplus.

    FINE 01:08:10 WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR (B8AE6E511A46)
    FINE 01:08:10 WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR is NOT a known device.

    As nobody response, I can think that this project is abbandoned. we must discourage new users to try to buy hardware to use it, because is not supported, and never will be.

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