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Wiimote Whiteboard

This program allows you to use the Wii Remote (Wiimote) to turn any surface into a Low-Cost Interactive Whiteboard. It is based on Johnny Lee’s original WiimoteWhiteboard program that is written in C# and available for Windows only. My program uses Java to allow for (some) platform-independence. I also provide a Mac-only version since I’m a Mac user and this is, up to my knowledge, currently the only such program for the Mac. For Windows only, Boon Jin has enhanced Johnny’s software and created the shareware program Smoothboard. There is also a SourceForge project that provides other implementations, but it is not getting much attention.

Check out the video and the other cool projects at Johnny Lee’s page if you have no idea what I’m talking about :) .

Features in a nutshell

  • Open source
  • Runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • Simple User Interface available in English, Estonian, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovene, and Spanish
  • Camera Monitor and Calibration Details for better Wiimote placement
  • Auto-connects up to 2 Wiimotes
  • Right-click support, double-click assistance
  • Mouse cursor smoothing
  • Screen selection
  • Touchpad Mode
  • Update notification
  • TUIO/OSC support for multitouch applications

More details in the Wiki.

Download (1.0.3)


Documentation & Support

You can post your comments, bug reports, feature requests, etc. at the bottom of this page. The latest documentation is available in the Wiki. You can also find out how you can help.

The wiimoteproject.com forums are a great resource for everything Wiimote. You may use this subforum to discuss everything related to my software. The Smoothboard Wiki also contains useful information for setting up your interactive whiteboard.

Infrared pens

You need a source of infrared (IR) light to use the software. Many people build their own IR pens for that purpose, usually by retrofitting some sort of marker. You’ll find all you need to know here. I started with a simple IR pen made from a battery clip.

There are also IR pens for sale if you don’t want to build one yourself. Several vendors sell different models, the IR Pen marketplace is a good place to get an overview.

You can use the coupon code uwe if you buy from IRPensOnline.com. This will give you a discount of $2 and I’ll get $1.


I only heard of few problems on Mac OS X, using the built-in stack. I also got reports from users who got the program running on Windows using either the Widcomm or BlueSoleil stack. It seems like Widcomm works better, see this post about BlueSoleil. You need to use the BlueZ stack on Linux, see the Wiki or this post for further instructions.

Issue on PowerPC Macs (excerpt from the WiiRemoteJ-README):

Note for Mac OS X PowerPC (PPC) users: you will have to delete the Wii Remote from your previous devices list in System Preferences->Bluetooth->Devices after each connection (every time you connect a given Wii Remote). Even then, the outgoing connection will still fail every other time. There is some sort of bug relating to HCI devices and Apple’s library. Luckily, it was fixed for the Intel Macs.

Further details can be found in the Wiki or the help files bundled with the application.

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  1. Willy says: in reply to Juan Rozo

    Hi Juan Rozo.
    You can easily find IR pens on eBay. I’ve bought mine there.


  2. Hi Juan
    We sell in Europe, http://www.irpens.co


  3. Benjamin says: in reply to Simon B.

    chrisany idea why i get this error when i press 1 & 2 on the witomieProcess: WiimoteWhiteboard [651]Path: /Applications/WiimoteWhiteboard.app/Contents/MacOS/WiimoteWhiteboardIdentifier: org.uweschmidt.witomie.whiteboard.WiimoteWhiteboardVersion: 1.0.3 (20100605)Code Type: X86 (Native)Parent Process: launchd [145]Responsible: WiimoteWhiteboard [651]User ID: 501Date/Time: 2013-11-30 22:15:56.516 -0600OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9 (13A603)Report Version: 11Anonymous UUID: F72AA1AD-E643-C117-3087-CDFD51DB58C9Crashed Thread: 30Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0×00000000c0000020VM Regions Near 0xc0000020: Stack 00000000bf803000-00000000c0000000 [ 8180K] rw-/rwx SM=COW– CG shared images 00000000c0003000-00000000c000b000 [ 32K] r–/r– SM=SHM Application Specific Information:objc_msgSend() selector name: nameOrAddressJava information: Exception type: Bus Error (0xa) at pc=0000000091f6a4a7 Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (20.65-b04-462 mixed mode macosx-x86)Current thread (0000000008cab400): JavaThread “OS X Bluetooth CFRunLoop” daemon [_thread_in_native, id=-1303564288, stack(00000000b2453000,00000000b24d3000)]Stack: [00000000b2453000,00000000b24d3000]…

  4. Krysten Hall says:

    I’m having a really hard time connecting two wiimotes to my computer. I’m on a Mac running El Capitan. I am using the original Wiimote (not the TR version). I can pair one, but, unfortunately, one remote isn’t enough to adequately cover the size of the projected area. The connection closest to the remote is fine, but it quickly turns spotty the further away I get. I have done a lot of research on the subject and tried many things, but to no avail. I will admit that I am more on the intermediate side of computer knowledge.

    Even just connecting one wiimote can be hard, as I have to delete my bluetooth plist after each time a wiimote connects or else it won’t connect again. My computer won’t let me completely delete the wiimote after each use from the bluetooth preferences bar without completely deleting the plist. I have read through a bunch of difference forums, including a bit of this one, but haven’t been able to find an answer.

    I am an elementary teacher at a school with only projectors. I used to be at a school with 2 SmartBoards in each classroom. I would love to get this to work, so I can demo it for my staff. I would appreciate any help/advice. Thanks!

  5. Daniele Suppo says:

    HELP! I’m using Windows 7, and a very cheap Bluetooth 2.1 dongle.
    When I try to connect the wiimote I get the error message “Wiimote failed to connect. Not supported on Winsock”.
    I’ve installed BlueSoleil demo, but I get the same message “… not supported on BlueSoleil”.
    How can I make it work on Windows 7?
    Do I need a special Bluetooth device / stack?
    Many thanks!

  6. Antonio says:

    On OSX 10.11 El Capitan not Work ? :( :(

  7. William says: in reply to Daniele Suppo

    Same here…hmmm???

  8. Erick says:

    Hello there! I’m running OSX 10.11.5 El Capitan. I’ve downloaded “Mac application (OS 10.8 or later)” but it doesn’t work here. My java version is “Version 8 Update 91 released in 19/04/2016 ” and the message is: ““WiimoteWhiteboard.app” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image. “WiimoteWhiteboard.app” is on the disk image “WiimoteWhiteboard-10dot8_and_later.dmg”. Google Chrome.app downloaded this disk image today at 12:05 AM from http://www.uweschmidt.org.”

    Do you guys have some idea?
    Have a great one!

  9. JPA says:


    I’m running Mac OS X 10.11.5 on a macbook pro (retina, intel) and the Mac version of WiimoteWhiteboard. I can’t manage it to recognize my wiimote controller, even setting its mac adress in the .plist using the org.uweschmidt.wiimote.whiteboard.wiimoteAddresses key.
    the log says:
    FINE 14:09:25 WiiRemoteJ: Found Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR (182A7BC7D51D)
    FINE 14:09:25 WiiRemoteJ: Nintendo RVL-CNT-01-TR is NOT a known device.

    Tried the java version but it ends up with a popup “The dialog is decorated” after a few seconds.

    Unlucky ;-)

    Does anyone managed to use wiimotewhiteboard on OS X – el capitan ?

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